Tattoo art all around the globe has evolved massively in the past years, together with the tattoo machines, needles and all kind of equipment. So the Tattoo revolution is blooming, but not all of its segments. This drove a small brand, established 2015, to move further the industry, utilizing new powerful tools such as hyaluronic acid, cold pressed avocado oil and complex of artists know-how with modern technology.

This is a brief description of the product which is an absolute achievement for the project started from scratch, named GOODINK. What makes it special? It is not intended to be just the next brand “made from artists”, it relies on technology and its application in the art of tattooing. GOODINK’s chemist in charge has over 170 tattoo hours, more than 80 of which he spent during the development of the products. Development also includes experienced tattoo artists from UK, Germany, Finland and Bulgaria, together with dermatologist consultancies. And this is the magic that makes the brand so unique and recognizable. It is not represented by huge corporations, nor inkless resellers- GOODINK IS KEPT IT IN THE FAMILY.

Now this family adopts artists all around Europe and USA as the product range keeps expanding.

GOODINK Tattoo Aftercare Cream
The first GOODINK product is the very first natural aftercare on the market to adopt the hyaluronic acid as an essential recovery tool as the technology provides easy application, skin sealing protection against small to medium impacts such as clothes friction and under this film-the skin remains moisturized and relieved.

GOODINK+ Tattoo Butter
With almost 20% cold pressed avocado butter GOODINK+ is an irreplaceable tool during the tattooing process and the aftercare for a new tattoo. It provides immediate relief for the skin, maintaining its elasticity and eliminating redness and swelling like no other product. GOODINK+ tattoo butter is an entirely vegan and 100% natural product with no added perfumes or fragrances.

GOODINK Tattoo Jelly a.k.a. The Hybrid
A lot of tattoo artists remain loyal to the good old Vaseline, but the GOODINK team have noticed some drawbacks. So they took the very basic petroleum jelly, infused it with natural essences and oils to change the thermal and physical properties to a required level. GOODINK Tattoo Jelly is of course petroleum based, but achieved some significant Butter benefits like: longer lasting skin relief and redness elimination. It also protects the stencil and markers, and last but not least – does not clog the tattoo machine tips.

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