Rangitu Netana

For Te Rangitu, practising Ta Moko [traditional tattooing] carries with it the responsibility of acknowledging his Maori beliefs and educating others in those beliefs too. He feels it is vitally important to respect his culture and its traditions, and to encourage that respect in others as well. When I arrived for our interview, he greeted me with a traditional welcome; he welcomed my ancestors, who were walking with me, and also his ancestors, who were gathering. Even though he is living away from New Zealand, he feels it is important to continue these traditional practices. “You’re away from your culture so it seems a little weird sometimes," he says, "but you make sure you do it.”

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Acetates World

Originally from Spain, Acetates (real name Joaquin) has firmly established a place for himself on the international tattoo scene. And it's not hard to see why, with a style that effortlessly combines the traditions of Japanese folklore and Irezumi with Western pop-culture influences to produce visually stunning and highly desirable tattoos. We spoke to Acetates during a recent guest spot in the UK, to learn more about his journey into tattooing and his love of Japanese art and culture.

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Enter The Dragon

Following in the wake of the great navigator Marco Polo who brought back wonders from China in the 13th century, Crez found his own source of wealth in the Asian culture of tattooing. After grabbing his first machines when he was 17 and making his way through different styles, he decided to specialise in Japanese. At 40 years old, Crez is still the punk-rocker he used to be and more than ever as a tattooer, he is determined to perpetuate-from his studio Adrenalink in the city of Marghera near Venice-the dialogue between East and West.

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If you’ve never been to Sacred Tattoo in New York City, you’re missing out. Not just because it’s an amazing shop, but because the gallery space it houses is one of the best in the country. Take a look at Sacred Gallery’s latest two-person solo show featuring new works from Nick Baxter and Jon Clue and you’ll soon be forced to agree.
www.nickbaxter.com • jonclue • www.sacredtattoo.com

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